The Park Hotel –  201 Knapp St., Toledo, OH 43604

Built in 1909 this grand brick structure is now down on it’s luck. The windows are broken out, there have been several failed businesses on the ground floor, and it is said that scrappers have gone through and illegally gutted the place. Nearby properties regard it as a tragic eye sore. The nearby business owners I talked to say that they have made attempts to contact the owners about the destruction and vandalism of the property and that the owners do not care nor do they make efforts to attend to the broken windows. The time is ticking here…. I did not get access to this structure because I lacked the safety equipment I prefer. I might return later to try and get better photos.

Interestingly one of the nearby business owners claims that a series of detective novels were partly based on this location. That the books involve a serial killer that actually came through and used the location. No clue if this claim is true or not.

Per the Toledo Blade there were recent plans for this location: – “The Park Lane Hotel in Toledo’s historic Old West End is in the midst of a makeover its new owners hope will turn what once was a retirement community into a collection of market-rate apartments and corporate suites.” This was in 2006, and I can clearly see nothing has become of such plans. The building is creeping past the point of return.

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  1. After seeing your website, I was inspired to have a photography outing with my Toledo-based camera club at the Whitehouse prison. The ranger accompanied us and was gracious to provide his knowledge about the history of the area.

    I am passionate towards the pursuit of both documenting and interpreting historical details of structures. If you are so inclined to discuss more, I can supply you with my e-mail address.

    • OKToledo says:

      Great! The rangers are very helpful and friendly – something I found out after the fact. Did you post your photos anywhere online? Please, feel free to give me your email 🙂

  2. slehr says:

    Your comment box is unfortunately glitchy- I tried many times to submit this 😦

    My Flickr page is

    My e-mail is

  3. The Park Lane is over at Jefferson and 23rd. The Park…well, you found the Park Hotel. Great pictures.

  4. Too bad, I’d like to have seen it in it’s hayday!

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